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This will be a place for talking about things pertaining to the story. If you’ve not read the books yet, you may want to skip this page as it will give away some surprises that are best experienced while reading.

You have been warned !


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1. David is not an alien.

2. This is not a dream. It is fiction, but based on real world principles. There are dreams discussed in the books, but they are presented as such.

3. Max is not super human. He has a high tolerance for pain and, because of his limited sexual exploits before meeting David, is eager to explore all of these new sensations presented to him.

4. Charlie, though it may seem to be somewhat implied in spots, is not stupid in any way. When he and David begin their journey together, he is very naive sexually, outside of traditional vanilla options with his wife. He is also very distracted by his hidden desires, which often causes him to make bad decisions. This becomes less of an issue as he and David explore. In Book One, when he sees David in Max’s hospital room, he is very much caught off guard. He and David had been taking a break for several months by this point, as Charlie worked on his relations with his wife Melinda. Also, three of his officers are in the hospital after the shooting incident, so this adds to his focus being off when he sees David.

5. The timeline jumps around quite a bit. This is a storytelling device designed to allow slow reveals of different story elements, as well as attempt to make the overall experience more enjoyable for the reader. David and Max’s time together is linear. They both share pieces of their past, but their arc moves forward at all times in both books.

6. In the chapter “BondageBear”, where David’s narrative mentions about Charlie, “He was attempting to yell something through the washcloth that kept the sound from being understood, coming out as three pulses of indistinguishable origin.” That was Charlie trying to use his safeword “library”. Despite the overwhelming panic attack he is experiencing, some part of him is still there when he sees David return.

7. David and Max do not drink alcohol. Ever. For David, it is because his parents were killed by a drunk driver. For Max, it is because his father was an alcoholic and an abusive drunk. When David initially offers Max some hot cocoa in the chapter “Arrival Of The Snowman”, it is because David assumes Max is on duty since he is wearing his uniform. When Max briefly departs and comes back, he asks for what was offered to him. Later, he opts for the root beer and tea because that is what David is having and he enjoys both of those.

8. Aside from beverages, David and Max also share a liking for similar foods. This is hinted at in the chapter “Lunch At First Sight” when Max unknowingly orders David’s favorite sandwich.


Safewords :

Max : “oracle”.  Max had spent several years searching for himself.  Because of his past family issues he has never felt fully complete.  His choice to be a police officer was one of the few things that always felt right.  But his personal life felt empty.  Until he meets David.  Then suddenly so much opens up to him about his sexuality, but more importantly about having a deep connection with someone that feels so right in so many ways.  He sees David as a guide to help him through his sexual awakening, as well as his spiritual enlightening, as their bond grows stronger.

Al : “tractor”.  Al grew up on a farm.  Though the lifestyle never felt like a good fit.  After graduating high school, he bounced around to several colleges in different parts of the country, searching for a life direction.  He eventually finds his way to New England and settles in Fullerton when a job at the big box store becomes available.

Charlie : “library”.  Charlie chooses this because it is the place where he first sees David and their adventures begin.

Gerry : “bunny”.  Gerry is a fan of old movies.  One of his all-time favorites is called “Desk Set”, and stars Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn.  Hepburn’s character name is “Bunny Watson”.

Noah : “lighthouse”. The lighthouse is the place where David and Noah finally connect sexually.

Jonathan : “umbrella”. The umbrella that Jonathan borrowed from David is the catalyst for their adventures together.


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